Experience matters

Our core investment approach is “safety first,” with an intense focus on the protection of capital, allowing for alternative credit sources for middle-market borrowers and higher net returns for investors.

Ghost Tree Partners can offer clients a compelling alternative to traditional fixed income.

This cohesive team of co-founders includes Mark Fox, Scott Warner, CFA, and Jeff Willardson, CFA.  These three have collaborated to invest billions of dollars for some of the world’s most sophisticated institutional investors. Scott and Jeff, who have spent 20 years together at Goldman Sachs and then PAAMCO Prisma, have worked with Mark for almost five years to develop, deploy, and now lift out the Ghost Tree private credit strategy. Building on the success of their prior track record, Ghost Tree Partners can offer clients a compelling alternative to the current lack of market yields for fixed income. 

Throughout their operating careers, the team has also developed meaningful partnerships that will help to provide more opportunities for proficiency and success.

Meet the Ghost Tree Partners Team

What Is Ghost Tree?

A stirring symbol of beauty, precision, and technical expertise, Ghost Tree is a famed big wave surf break just off the 18th hole at Pebble Beach Golf Links in California. Francis McComas (1875-1938) called the area “the greatest meeting of land and water in the world” and represents the ideal combination of our team’s great outdoor passions: golf and surf.

About Ghost Tree Partners

Our Values

We utilize an investment approach honed for sophisticated investors that seeks to source, underwrite, and manage transactions in the lower and middle-market private lending space, which is rapidly becoming underserved.

Vast Sourcing Network

With our vast sourcing network, we look for opportunities with the most compelling risk-reward with a flexible solutions-based approach.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is key to accessing the viability of an opportunity, which begins with value orientation but looks past credit to the business itself.

Multiple Levels of Control

Multiple levels of control to mitigate risk and allow for as many eyes before investment as possible, including:

  • Full operational and legal review

  • Formal recommendation memo and Investment Committee approval

Asset Management

Asset Management through continuous monitoring including:

  • Monthly review of financials, covenant evaluation, and calls with management
  • Quarterly valuation committee with status reports for each investment and company performance
  • Detailed quarterly review – formal review of each portfolio holding
  • Regular consultation with third parties on collateral value